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Gain Flings

Creating an integrated campaign during the Multicultural Advertising Intern Program's (MAIP) Virtual Engagement Program (VEP) for the brand, Gain. Specifically to increase customers purchasing their product, Gain Flings.

* MAIP Project Finalist (selected by Saatchi & Saatchi NY for Gain Flings)

Frame 3.png

My Roles

Creative Technologies

UX/UI Designer

UX Researcher





Amanda L. (Creative Technologies)

Kiran S. (Account Management)

Andrea W. (Art Direction)

Olivia H. (Copywriting)

Josh G. (Comms Planning)

Alyssa W. (Art Direction)

Nicole L. (Art Direction)

Brittney P. (Diversity & Inclusion)

Kofi A. (Strategy)

Ashley-Nicole A. (Media Planning & Buying)

Christopher D. B. (Media Planning & Buying)

David S. (Strategy)


1 Week

Let's dive into the context!

I was competitively selected to be a MAIP Fellow with a discipline in Creative Technologies as a part of the MAIP 2020 VEP, a program developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The MAIP VEP provides MAIP Fellows opportunities to engage, learn, network, and develop discipline-based and transferrable skills from diverse industry leaders and agency partners within the advertising world.

Additionally, this program briefed teams of MAIP Fellows with summer projects for clients, imitating how real-world agencies operated. I worked on this project for the brand and product, Gain Flings, a Saatchi & Saatchi NY client, with my team (Team 'Spyral'). I mainly focused on creating UX/UI mockups and consumer research.



Gain Flings wants people to know that it does more than mask odors.


How do we make sure people know Gain Flings gives your laundry freshness?


Create an overarching campaign idea that gets liquid laundry detergent users to switch to Gain Flings.

If you've never smelled Gain Flings...

Gain Flings are laundry detergent 'pacs' filled with super concentrated detergent, as well as OXI boost and Febreze for stain fighting and odor-eliminating technology. The cleanliness, freshness, and great scent lasts all day long!

gain pacs.png
gain pacs.png
gain pacs.png

Let's 'gain' a better perspective of our creative journey:

Creative Journey.png

Secondary Research

Consumer research was conducted to pinpoint our primary target audience as working middle-aged mothers with children, and our sub-target as independent young adults navigating the next steps of their lives.

Gloria: The Quarantine Queen

Persona 2 - Middle-Aged Mother.png

Josh: The Zealous Zoomer

Persona 1 - Young Recent Grad.png

A consumer journey map was also constructed during our research to help guide us to our insight and big idea.

Gain Consumer Journey.png

Ideate and Develop

So what was our insight?

The Quarantine Queen and Zealous Zoomer have been in various degrees of lockdown for almost 5 months now. They want to 'get away', and are redefining how to do so during quarantine.

Leading us to our big idea:

Get scent to your happy place with Gain Flings.

Life has looked very different for many people during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sometimes, people just need to get away on a getaway for some 'me time', and what's a better way to do that than with the fresh, long-lasting scent of a tropical vacation that Gain Flings leaves behind?

Creative Executions

Multiple channels and platforms were used to execute and promote our big idea and strategy for Gain Flings.

TV :30 Spot

TV 30s Spot.png

YouTube :05 Pre-roll

Youtube 05s Pre-roll.png

Social Media



Grocery stores

mask display.png
floor with stickers.png
floor sticker 2.png

Free Laundry Wash Pop-up

Screen Shot 2020-08-24 at 2.21.59 AM.png
laundry popup.png

Direct Mail

Gain Goody Bags

Gain Site.png
gain pacs.png

Music Playlists


And lastly, media objectives and schedule:

With all of these creative executions, we needed to plan out our media goals and scheduling for this campaign as well.

Media objectives:

  • Increase direct purchase for Gain Flings

  • Generate repeat purchase and brand loyalty

  • Reinforce fun and light-hearted brand image

Media schedule:


If you want to continue getting 'scent' along this journey in more depth...

Closing off with final reflections before I daydream about my own getaway...


  • Being a MAIP Fellow and getting to work with other crazy talented individuals in this program was the highlight of Summer 2020 (I'm so lucky and grateful to have been a part of Team Spyral!)

  • Working with people across the country over Zoom is difficult—time management and accountability is key

Next Steps

  • Select key metrics to track and analyze the success of this campaign

  • Consider wireframing and developing a hub within the Gain website to provide additional support and resources for people in need during the COVID-19 pandemic

    • Examples: free/low-cost options to get laundry cleaned and dried, aromatherapy products/services​, etc.

Special Thanks

  • Project Coaches: Faith D. and Shannon K.

  • The MAIP Team: Reema E., Alexis A., Ambar V., Jacquelyn G., Jovanne J., and Kiera W. (Thank you for #MAIPingItHappen this summer!)

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