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MAIP Team Superlatives

August 22, 2020


(Blog Post Part 2 for MAIP)


It's hard to believe that this summer will soon come to a close, along with my time as a MAIP Fellow in the MAIP 2020 Virtual Engagement Program

In short, this has honestly been one of the most joyful and amazing experiences that I've been a part of overall. I can probably go on and on about how much I've learned, how many brilliant MAIP Fellows and industry professionals that I've met, or the skills that I've gained this summer, but that's kind of basic and this whole program was already meant for showcasing MAIP Fellows like me. I've realized that there was nothing to showcase the MAIP Team with. And with the MAIP Face of Talent happening next week, in which talented MAIP Fellows will be recognized and awarded, there's a lot to thank the wonderful MAIP Team that coordinated and managed this program for this summer, especially in spite of the current pandemic.

...So I decided to award the MAIP Team myself... with superlatives 



For being our 'Mama Bear' and always listening to us, advocating for us, and challenging us, even when it was difficult to swallow at times. Thank you for always having our backs.



For your electric energy, infectious laugh, and dancing spirit. Seeing your moves during some of our MAIP sessions always brought a smile to my face and made me want to get up and dance as well.



For handling all ~380 of us MAIP Fellows with understanding, diligence, and grace. Thank you for being an integral driving force to be reckoned with in #MAIPing this program happen.



For always being so kind and sweet in all of the interactions that I've had with you when I, or any other MAIP Fellow, had questions or needed help. Thank you for always being there for us.



For your work and effort to #MAIP things happen behind the scenes. I didn't see you often during our MAIP sessions, but I'm sure that your contributions off the screen made all the difference.



For keeping on top of and making sure that we were all within the time limit for our project presentations and communicating to us about certain requirements on Slack. Thank you for your patience and organization.

And last, but certainly not least, I cannot forget my wonderful MAIP Coach that I was paired with this summer.



For your unwavering commitment and enthusiasm in providing the encouragement and guidance that I needed in a coach. You really are the real MVC.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for selecting me and supporting me as a MAIP Fellow. Hopefully one day I'll be able to meet you all in person. And I'll be making you all proud one day, just you wait!

- Amanda ✨

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